Saturday, September 12, 2009


雨一直下 氣氛不算融洽
在同個屋簷下 你漸漸感到心在變化
你愛著他 也許也帶著恨吧
青春耗了一大半 原來只是陪他玩耍
正想離開她 他卻拿著鮮花 說不著邊的話 讓整個場面更加尷尬
不可思議吧 夢在瞬間崩塌 為何當初那麼傻 還一心想要嫁給他
就是愛到深處才怨他 捨不捨得都斷了吧
就是愛到深處才由他 碎了心也要放得下
難道忘了那愛他的傷 已密密麻麻
不要再為了他掙扎 不要再為他左牽右掛
今後不管他愛不愛誰 快樂嗎 都隨他

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

! I am Back !

Well, I seldom got chance to update my blog ( one of the reason is just because I'm f**king lazy )
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I had been gone through a lot of things in this few months. I changed a lot, the people i met, the things i involved, incidents that happened on me. They teach me a lot of things, teach me how to be a better man, teach me how to protect myself more, and they teach me to be patient.
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I am running some business with friends, but i find out that when things come to money, even ur best friends, they can't be trusted as well. Someone told me that, everyone will think for themselves first before they thinking for you. No matter how pretty they talk in front of you, when things really happen, we will see the truth.
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I am worrying about all the business thingy and this makes me having insomnia. I was a f**king piggy who can even sleep more than 24 hrs if i have the time. However, I can't even sleep for at least a 4 hours. Everyone tells me that I shouldn't like that, I should have taking some rest after busy for the whole day. Well, I want to say thanks to all the people who are always supporting me, helping me out alot there. I really appreaciate what you guys have done. Thanks a lot buddies !