Thursday, February 20, 2014

4 Years Later

Well, It's been 3 years plus I never been updating any of my life, nor whatsoever happened here. Although there isn't any reader here. I know there's still someone will dropby sometimes to read the posts. Days after days, and years after years, I had been learning to let go, I shall not say let go, perhaps its just to keep something deep inside my heart which it will not be noticed until one day I received a message again. There is how it started again after so almost 4 years. Life changed us, and we do changing to fit the challenges in life. Otherwise we aren't able to survive till today. I can't say it's good, nor saying it's a bad one though. I learnt not to ask much, learnt to accept, however I still do not learn the ability calls let go. It's not right but it's not wrong too, things may be changing but there's still always something don't change. Thanks for the good time and I appreciate that. Good night world. Loves <3 N.I.E