Monday, March 30, 2009

** Sick **

It has been three days, I got flu and sorethroat, I hardly can remember when was the last time I sick, something that different is, there's no one beside me to take care of me, asking how am I, worrying bout me or forcing me to take medicine. I took medicine that bought from the pharmacy but end up this morning I still cannot go to work. So decided to make a call to my manager and inform her about this.

In the afternoon, I was forced to get my ass up to go and see the doctor cause i need the MC!!! It wasted me RM 35.00 ~ DAMM it ! Ish~ but anyway, I got no choice just have to do so.

Yesterday night after i went to KLCC just to pay a visit to this petronas F1 roadshow. Simply because my friends working there. After that, during my way home, i received a call from my ex's mum. She kept asking me whether we are still going to continue the relationship. I told her honestly, I can't. I am tired of those days, quarreling everyday because of small matters. I begged like a beggar, just to get back to her. But she will keep asking to break. I am not those guys who will give up easily. But i had been begging for a whole year. I am tired of this kind of relationship. May be for somebody, I am just a cold-blooded person. I know love isn't the reason for me to stay in this relationship anymore. I loved her, but, isn't it better if i set her free? Both of us might not suffer for this relationship anymore.

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