Saturday, June 26, 2010


You finally did that to me. I love you but still you did that to me. Well, he is still that important to you, so I hope that your journey with him really goes well. I was trying to give myself a time, but now, is you who don't give me time, neither a chance.( may be is him )

Anyway, I am gonna live my life, You told me that you jealous because I flirt with other girls in facebook. Did you ever thought of what you did to me in the club. I felt the same damm thing. I was planning to buy something, for our monthlyvessary, for you to keep it as a memory. The proven of our love. But, it's all gone. I am going to keep all these up. Who knows one day, you might calling me up, and telling me that "dar, can I come and see you now? " this is what I wish to hear from you.

Since you made the final step, It's time for me to move. Whatever you said. I really don't want to remember. But I will remember whatever I told you.

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