Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Why must people keep acting like they understand every situation that people is getting over? Commenting alot and just simply saying people doing wrong things? I can't stop others from commenting on my page but, I freaking hate those people who just simply wants to gain attentions from others, commenting my action, and talking in the way like they are experienced. Well, today Im really pissed off after meeting up my ex and talking for a couple of time.

The topic are just the same damm thing again. I am so pissed off and tired of all these. The arguement wasn't finish after I sent her home. When I am on my way to subang I did a few sms with her and, I was keep telling her that I really got nothing with Leng yein ( simply bcz she is just keep on thinking that I do have something with Leng Yein WTF!!! ). I feel so sick of it. Whatever I explain she didn't wanna listen. Well, what to do.

The message that makes me feel so angry is the last msg that she sent me. Which is about, I am gonna go get my guy in the club now. =O I asked her why must she do this. she said that the body is hers and she have the right to do anything she likes. =__=

I am going crazy. I'd been suffering from past few weeks. One left without any notification. Another one is just like, wanna make me more emo. Is there any problem if i post my feelings on facebook? Why must you guys come and shoot me and say I make people looking down on me? SO WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM NOW? DO YOU GUYS REALLY HAVE PROBLEM WITH ME??

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