Friday, July 23, 2010

2 weeks.

Waited for two weeks for no reply. NO online? What am I waiting for? I should have admit that I still cannot let go. I am just keeping all these inside my heart, my mind.
I had been forcing myself to be busy, not to think about you. However, I cant sleep well. Even i fall asleep, I dream of you again and again. I kept myself awake just to see whether you online. Hoping for a chat, Just a simple chatting with you, but, I don't see anything. Every night I keep myself awake with a hope, it ends with broken heart. I kept telling myself. You are busy, you got no time. I don't know why, but i choose to lie to myself. I used to give everything a fake hope.

I can feel that my immune system is getting weaker nowadays. I don't know how to make myself sleep at night. No matter how tired am I, I will still wake up, Log into my msn and checking if u are online. Am I stupid? I am telling my friends that I don't care and I won't think anymore. But the truth is, I am not. When I am busy with my work, there's nothing much to bother. I hope that there's something else for me to do at night, late at night I mean. Just to keep myself occupied, and not to think again. Is there anything I can do during mid night???

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